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Amer Fort- Jaipur, Rajasthan

Witness The Fort On The Hill Top

If you travel 11 kilometers from Jaipur, you will witness a beautiful town on the hill top that has been attracting a huge number of tourists since decades. Situated in the Amer state, Amer fort covers an area of about 4 square kilometers.




History Of Amer Fort

The chapters of history unfold that the place was built by Maan Singh, a general from Mughal Emperor Akbar’s court during the 16th century. Maan Singh also started ruling over this place afterwards and gradually it got famous with the name of Amer fort or also at times Amber fort.

The fort is built of red and white sand stone and if noticed carefully, you will be able to witness the amazing combination of Mughal and Rajput architectural work.

There are many gates to the fort and each of them is constructed with a different structure. While you are having a trip of the fort, do not forger to roll your eyes around to have a look at the amazing carvings on the roof and the paintings at different places of the fort.

Inside the fort, there are a series of buildings that you can visit and some of the most important ones are:


·Seesh Mahal,

·Sukh Mandir,

·Kesar Kyaari and many others.




Things To Do Here

After you have taken a ticket to enter the fort, not only you can visit the various buildings, you can also do a number of interesting things here.

You can take an elephant ride to experience an adventure moment. There are various spiral staircases and corridors that you can explore to reach out to various places in the fort. There are a few museums that you can peep into to have a look at the various traditional stories and items of the Rajputs.

If you wish to enjoy something cultural, you can wait till evening to see the light and music show. Also, there are many other shows that can be enjoyed such as the puppet shows and many others within the vicinity of the fort.




Reaching The Fort

The fort is located on the hill top 11 kilometers away from the main city of Jaipur. Hence, the best way to reach the fort is by hiring a cab from Jaipur and reaching the place directly.

Jaipur is well-connected through train services from different parts of the country. Also, for both national as well as international tourists, reaching Jaipur through air is also a great option.