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Ayushi- Fraud Girl who looted in various Social Platform

We have so many social networking and entertainment apps in this digital world. These apps give us all kind of entertainment on our finger tip. Many artists are also using platform or apps like these to earn a decent income. It is very sad to know that few fraudsters and cheaters are making these kinds of platforms unsafe. Lets take an example of an app named STARMAKER. STARMAKER is a live singing and broadcasting app, where artists get an opportunity to show their talents through live singing or broadcasting. Here, audience can recharge their account with gold coins. Gold coins are virtual currency of this app and audience can recharge this by paying in real money. Audience can gift these gold coins to broadcasters or singers to appreciate their talent. 

There are mainly two kind of frauds in these kinds of application. 

1) Fraud with the Official Coins Seller: Official Coins seller are those who have the authority to sell these gold coins to the audience on exchange of money. Official Coins seller transfer gold coins to the users id and the user pay money to them. Mostly official coins seller transfers coins only after receipt of money from the users, but in few cases they also give recharge on credit. Cases may be: The user have made several successful coins purchase transactions with the official coins seller. Fraud people uses these kind of techniques to loot Official Coins Seller in the platform. Firstly, these frauds make few purchases on cash from official coins seller to gain their trust. After this they opt for a bigger amount recharge on credit from them. On seeing their past record and relationship the official coins seller recharges for the amount on credit. After this, these fraud people will block the number and will never pay the money to them. 

2) Fraud with artists: These kinds of platform set certain target for the broadcasters or artist. Targets are the minimum number of gifts which they have to receive within a month to maintain their broadcast. There are fraudsters who know these things and they assures the broadcasters to complete their gifting target on paying an amount to them. Most of the time, to complete their target broadcasters pay to these kinds of fraud people. After receiving the money, they will block the broadcaster and will never gift them.

One of the biggest fraudster in the platform is Ayushi, who is looting people throughout various platforms like STARMAKER and many more. She had looted OFFICIAL COINS SELLER and many innocent broadcasters. We have fetched Aadhaar Card of the Fraud Person from one of the victim. 


    • 29 days ago