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Indusind Bank Employee Nirali Trivedi frauded Rs. 50000 in Social Platform app

Her name is Nirali Trivedi and she claims that she is an employee of one of the branch with IndusInd Bank in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She frauded an Official Coins Seller of a singing app named STARMAKER. 

Before understanding the fraud, we need to understand about this app STARMAKER and OFFICIAL COINS SELLER. STARMAKER is a singing app where people also known as broadcaster use to show their talent like singing etc. Audience can buy gold coins and gift to these broadcasters to appreciate their talent. Audience can buy gold coins directly or they can buy it from any OFFICIAL COINS SELLER. OFFICIAL COINS SELLER normally sell coins at comparatively lower rate compared to direct purchase, so audience prefer to buy coins from an OFFICIAL COINS SELLER when they are buying in huge quantity.  

Nirali Trivedi contacted one of the OFFICIAL COINS SELLER named GAURAV for the recharge and she did few recharges and made the payment to gain trust. She also told that she works for IndusInd bank in a higher designation. After few month on 23/June/2021 she again contacted GAURAV and told him for the recharge and she told him that any how she will make the payment by the day end. On 23/June/2021, her total outstanding was Rs. 50000. Its been more than 2 months she is neither making the payment nor responding to the message.


    • 16 days ago