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The Difference Between a Tourist and a Traveller

When you hear the words “tourist” and “traveller”, you might think they mean the same thing. After all, both involve going to different places, right? While this is true, there are some distinct differences between a tourist and a traveller. Let's explore what these differences are.

The Definition of Tourist vs. Traveller 

The definition of a tourist is someone who travels for pleasure or business and visits places for a limited amount of time. A tourist is typically focused on sightseeing and taking pictures in order to commemorate their trip. They often stick to the more popular attractions and tend to visit as many places as they can within their allotted time frame.

A traveller, on the other hand, is someone who embarks on an extended journey with no particular end in mind. A traveller may spend weeks or months exploring different locations, immersing themselves in the local culture and making connections along the way. They take their time in each place they visit, getting off the beaten path to discover something new about the area that tourists usually don't get to experience.

Exploring Different Cultures 

Tourists often stick to packaged trips where everything has been planned out for them beforehand including hotels and activities. This type of travel gives them minimal interaction with locals and allows them to remain in their comfort zone without having to challenge themselves too much. As such, it can be difficult for tourists to gain insight into the culture of their destination since they do not have much opportunity for authentic experiences or conversations with locals.  

Travellers are more likely to immerse themselves in different cultures by staying away from resorts and chain restaurants whenever possible and instead opting for unique local spots that offer a more genuine look at life in that region or country. Many travellers also go out of their way to seek out interesting people they can have meaningful conversations with so that they can learn about different perspectives on life while still having fun during their journey abroad.


Tourists and travellers alike have plenty of opportunities to explore different parts of the world, but it's important to keep in mind that there are distinct differences between them. Tourists typically stay within their comfort zone while travelling for short periods of time whereas travellers venture beyond their comfort zone by spending longer amounts of time exploring different cultures more deeply than what is typically offered by standard tourism packages. Whether you're looking for an adventure or just want some rest & relaxation, knowing which type of traveller you are will help you make sure your next trip abroad meets your expectations!


    • 27 days ago