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Atul Limited

Atul Limited is a chemical manufacturing company under the parent organization Lalbhai Group. Kasturbhai Lalbhai founded the company Atul Limited on 5th September 1947. The headquarter of the company is set up at Valsad in Gujarat. The company has spread out its existence in many other cities of the country too such as New Delhi, Thane, and Mumbai, and also has a global existence too in different parts of the world. By now the company has manufactured 900 chemicals and also 400 formulations.

Atul Limited now owns around 140 different retail brands and has come up with several subsidiaries such as Atul Bioscience, Anchor Adhesives Pvt Ltd, and others. 

Contact Details:

Address: Atul 396 020, Valsad, Gujarat

Phone: (+91 2632) 23000/ 3261